Tryptophan Dreams


Alot of things have happened in the last couple months. The main being we smoothly and successfully toured the Northwest for two weeks in a turquoise/greenish river rafting van we named Chris. Being the inexperienced, trembling, and nervous virgins of "the road", no one really new what to expect. But it was a wild success, with equal emphasis on "wild" and "success".  We played great venues, had packed crowds, met incredibly cool people, drank eclectic coffee, slept on lush couches and floors, embraced the rain and the ubiquitous grey, and didn't even get a damn flat tire. I can say with no doubt it was the funnest time we've all ever had. So fun, in fact, we'll be doing it again in the same area in February! Basing it around Wintergrass, which we are so thrilled to have been asked to play this year. 

So now, as the Thanksgiving-food-coma is starting to diminish, we can put our forks into things of true importance... like arranging a slew of new tunes and prepping for our New Years Live at the Top Hat album, which will be recorded this New Year's Eve. We've got a ton of new tunes on the stove that we are stirring up and putting the final touches on. We're really, really, really excited for you all to hear them. We think you will be quite fond of them. 

With regard to upcoming shows, we'll be playing the Great Northern Bar, in Whitefish, MT on the 13th of December and then Dec 31st at the Top Hat

Good news firing on all spheres... 

Until we see you again, you lovely voyagers of the Universe, be careful and be kind.